Overview of Services, Solutions & Expertise

TM Advisory Services can assist clients in a variety of ways including:

(See “Services” for a complete list of Due Diligence and Advisory Expertise)

     • Due diligence or underwriting resource to evaluate opportunities (e.g. Real estate asset or portfolio         acquisition candidates)   

     • Advisor to the logical and systematic divestiture of a real estate portfolio (e.g. Estate or receivership         liquidations, portfolio downsizing efforts etc.).   

     • Objective and qualified resource to review and opine on existing loan or real estate portfolios  (e.g. Risk         assessments, regulatory preparations or regulatory compliance plans, etc.)  

     • Independent 3rd party review and opinion on existing assumptions, including revenue and finance,         acquisitions and disposition, and overall strategies.  

     • Assist our clients in any number of areas such as commercial real estate financing efforts or warehouse         lines, tax lien acquisitions / management, bank regulatory matters and as a resource in business         development efforts.

Our Approach


Our Team is experienced and prepared. Whether you need additional coverage to complement your existing team, or you simply need our team's skill set, we invite you to take a look at our approach.

Approach & Strategy

Our team offers consulting on a fee basis. We are focused on "best fit" strategies. This allows us to complete objective research and analysis to identify best strategies and options.

Identification & Analysis

Our results are a product of knowledge, experience. analytics, and hard work. We are capable of analyzing client-initiated projects, or identifying opportunities for our clients.


Your Goals

We understand our clients are successful. So how can we help? We focus on our client's future opportunities and outcomes. Based on your success, you are confronted with many demands and challenges, but also many opportunities. Whether you need our team in a lead role or to enhance your existing capabilities, our team is qualified and prepared. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Experience

Experience is simply the beginning.  Our accomplished team is a collection of diverse expert knowledge, results, and documented successes, derived from our team's varied and direct participation in the complex world of real estate and banking. With a history of advisory and analytical success, our team is here to assist institutional and high net worth clients. Our consulting firm helps turn opportunities into successes.