Additional Services

Investment Identification & Review Services:

In addition to commercial real estate and banking/financial services, the Company offers other services as well, including Debt and Equity Financing - Leveraging both general banking and real estate investment banking experience. Additional Services include...

Assistance with Commercial Debt and Equity Financings

Securing Senior and/or Mezzanine Debt on Commercial Real Estate – for existing structures or planned developments.  Securing Financial Leverage – for loan or real estate portfolios

Business Development / Deal Sourcing

Leveraging many years of business development and trading experience to assist clients in sourcing deals/assets as needed.

Tax Lien Certificate Acquisitions and Management

Leveraging 30 years of experience (nationwide but primarily in Florida). Including Tax Deed process and REO disposition. 

Reviews of Third Party Service Providers (e.g. contracted Asset Management Co.’s / other)

Leveraging the experience of prior audit, risk management and underwriting with industry knowledge, TM Advisory Services offers clients the opportunity to have a qualified and objective firm assess the work and provide feedback on the performance of their contracted long-term service providers.

Customized Engagements

TM Services is receptive to advisory engagements where we believe we may have a strong value-equation and can leverage our experience in any of the aforementioned areas.