Services for Banking / Lending Clients

Due Diligence and Underwriting Services

For bank or other financial institutions and lenders, including commercial loans -  Leveraging banking, real estate, risk management and loan trading experience, specific engagements may include underwriting for:     

  • Commercial Real Estate Loan Underwriting – Contract underwriting to assess collateral value and risks, whether for bank quality or collateral based “hard money” lending  
  • Risk governance, policies, risk rating, reviews, appraisals  etc.    
  • Commercial or Residential Loan Portfolio Acquisitions – Customized underwriting to review collateral values, documentation and risks

Portfolio Reviews

The review of existing loan portfolios can be as very topside (e.g. an overview assessment of a portfolio with possibly random evaluations) to as granular and detailed a review (e.g. a loan-by-loan review) as desired.   These services can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Assistance with the Preparation for Regulatory Reviews/Audits 
  • Internal Risk Assessments (concentration risks, market risks, collateral risks and others)  
  • Identification of Assets for Divestiture

Regulatory Compliance Reviews

Leveraging TM Advisory Team members, including the former SVP / Senior Executive for Risk of a top-15 US Bank and other former bank executives, compliance reviews can be customized reviews of targeted business areas or to assist institutions with their preparations for imminent regulations.